Reebok Stadium – Bolton Wanderers FC print

A football stadium poster of the Reebok Stadium

Reebok. Macron. University of Bolton Stadium.

The Reebok Stadium (now the University of Bolton Stadium) was opened in 1997 and has been the home of Bolton Wanderers FC ever since. The ground has also gone by the name Macron Stadium between 2014 and 2018.

As far as “new” grounds go the Reebok is a cracking looking venue. I love the curves and the floodlights. I’ve tried to incorporate those sweeping lines into my Reebok Stadium art print.

Bolton Wanderers are currently going through a bit of a rough patch off the pitch and I truly hope they can get through this period unscathed.

Currently plying their trade in the third tier of English Football Bolton fans will be hoping that things off the pitch can get fixed soon so that they can start climbing back up the leagues.

You can get 3 items of Bolton Wanderers FC merchandise in my online shop.

A football poster of Bolton Wanderers and the Reebok Stadium
Bolton Wanderers FC prints come in 5 different sizes
A t shirt of the Reebok Stadium, home to Bolton Wanderers FC
Reebok Stadium t shirt
A coffee mug of Bolton Wanders and the Reebok Stadium
Coffee tastes better from a Reebok Stadium mug

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