My frequently asked question section will grow as questions continue to be asked.

I’ve just made an order and it says it’s being delivered from Latvia?

Although I am based in the UK all my products are manufactured and issued from Riga, Latvia. If you are a customer from the Americas all items are manufactured and issued from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Where is my order?

When your order has been fulfilled you’ll be given a tracking number. It’ll likely look something like this – RP010203040LV

It will also provide a link to click so you can track your order. This system only works up to a point. If you go to the Post Offices Track and Trace website – https://www.royalmail.com/track-your-item#/

And put your tracking number into there it’ll hopefully give you more information. If you are not a UK based customer you can still use the Post Office website linked above and it’ll automatically default to the local shipping provider that will be delivering your item.

Please note that when the items are received into the UK the Post Office often annoyingly doesn’t update the tracking info until the item has been delivered or an attempt at a delivery has been made.

Will you do my club ground?

In a word, probably. Eventually.

If it’s part of the English 92 then I’ll definitely be doing it. I’m also looking into some German, US, Canadian, Norwegian and many, many more grounds from around the world.

Very soon I hope to have completed the grounds of the Scottish Women’s Premier League

Please bear in mind that I’m just one bloke and I only have one pair of hands. Although they do like drawing.

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