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Shipping Costs

Delivery prices are dynamic and are updated in real time when you input your address in your basket or at the checkout. The delivery costs will change depending on how many and what items you want to buy and to which address they are being shipped to.

Shipping costs can be seen before you reach the checkout by inserting a few details at the ‘basket’ stage. This way you can decide if shopping with Football Stadium Prints is right for you before you even get to the checkout.


Football Stadium Print orders are printed and shipped from facilities all over the world. When you place an order, the facility that will get your order to you quickest will be the facility that produces it.

Currently, we have printing facilities in the UK, Spain, Latvia, North Carolina, California, Mexico, Toronto, Australia and Japan. With more opening soon.

All football Stadium Print items destined for UK addresses are now printed and shipped from our facility in Birmingham.

At time of writing (13th December 2021) orders to the UK have started to get back to their pre-COVID delivery time of around 10 business days from fulfilment. Although there is still no guarantee that they will get to you in this timeframe.

With that in mind if you need an order quickly I CANNOT advise buying from the site. Although the vast majority of orders have gotten to their destination within the 10 business day turnaround there have still been exceptions.

If you have ordered an item and it hasn’t arrived by the expected delivery date stated on your order confirmation email please get in touch at your earliest convenience in order that I can bring it to the printers attention. If your order has then not arrived 20 business days AFTER the expected delivery date I can then arrange for a replacement or a full refund. Please ensure that you get in touch as after 4 weeks of items being returned to the warehouse they are gifted to charity.

Orders to Ireland

I’m very sorry but this is a tricky one because of BREXIT. Please bear with me.

Orders are now either printed in the UK and shipped over or are printed in Latvia or Spain and then shipped via England.

With that in mind and all the complications that are outwith my control I cannot give any accurate indication as to when your order will arrive.

It may fly right through customs. It might not. At this stage there is no way to tell! 

Again, if you need your order in a hurry I can’t recommend buying from Football Stadium Prints as I can give no guarantee of long your order will take to arrive. Sorry.

Returns Policy

Please note before ordering that I am a small one man business and therefore CANNOT accept returns.

If you are in any doubts, please contact me before ordering and hopefully we can sort something out.

Being a small business I am pretty much always on hand to deal with requests (although I might not be able to respond instantly) and I am sure we’ll be able to figure something out between us.

Please use the contact form above or get in touch via TWITTER or FACEBOOK 



COVID-19 Delivery info

Please note that during this time deliveries are taking far longer than normal and in some cases the tracking info of your order will look incomplete whilst your order is on it’s way to you or your chosen shipping address.

If you require an item quickly and by a certain date I DO NOT recommend buying at this time. I cannot give any guarantees as to when orders will be delivered.

How long will my order take?

Currently the best estimates as to when orders SHOULD be delivered is the expected delivery date + 9 business days. This gives couriers the extra time they need to deal with each order. If after expected delivery date + 10 business days your item has still not arrived please get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of this page and I’ll get it chased up.

Only one part of my order has arrived.

Different items ship at different times. For example, T-shirts take longer to print and pass through quality control than prints do and as such if you have ordered a print and a t-shirt your print will be shipped separately as soon as it has been printed and packaged up.

How can I track my order?

Some time after placing your order and when your item has been shipped you should have received a tracking number for your order. It should be the case that you can click on that number and it will automatically take you to a tracking page. Your tracking number should look something like this: RP010203040LV

If it doesn’t automatically link to the tracking page you can use your tracking number on pretty much any mailing service website (Royal Mail, DPD, Hermes) track and trace service and it will direct you to the courier that it carrying your order.

If you are in the UK deliveries will be made by the Royal Mail. Please use this link to track your order



Do you ship worldwide?

Yes we do. We actually do better than that. We have manufacturing sites in Latvia, Spain, Australia, Japan, Mexico, Canada and the USA. This means your order will be fulfilled by the facility closest to your delivery address which in turn helps keep the shipping cost down for you.

How much will shipping cost?

I can’t answer that here but there is a facility that allows you to find out how much shipping will be before you get to the checkout.

Select the items you want and pop them in your basket. You can then click to view your basket and when there you can input your address to get shipping cost. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged at this stage. This is just so you can get an idea of the total cost of your order before you move on to confirm.

I’ve just made an order and it says it’s being delivered from Latvia?

Although I am based in the UK all my products are manufactured and issued from various facilities worldwide (see above). For example, if you are a customer from the Americas all items are manufactured and issued from either North Carolina, California, Toronto or Mexico. Whichever facility will get your items to you quickest.

Where is my order?

When your order has been fulfilled you’ll be given a tracking number. It’ll likely look something like this – RP010203040LV

It will also provide a link to click so you can track your order. You can also use the tracking code on most major delivery services (or your local/Government delivery service) and it will default to the specific provider that will be delivering your item.

UK customers can use the Post Offices Track and Trace website –

Put your tracking number into there it’ll hopefully give you more information. If you are not a UK based customer you can still use the Post Office website linked above and it’ll automatically default to the local shipping provider that will be delivering your item.

Please note that when the items are received into the UK the Post Office often annoyingly doesn’t update the tracking info until the item has been delivered or an attempt at a delivery has been made.

Will you do my club ground?

In a word, probably. Eventually.

If it’s part of the English 92 then I’ll definitely be doing it. I’m also looking into some German, US, Canadian, Norwegian and many, many more grounds from around the world.

Please bear in mind that I’m just one bloke and I only have one pair of hands. Although they do like drawing.

If you have a question please use the form below.

Previous info

Christmas Deliveries

Unfortunately, because of the pandemic and because I ship all over the world, I cannot give any guarantees as to what to expect regarding delivery times. 

Each nation is dealing with deliveries in their own unique way and to be fair to them all their national postal services have been great.

The only information I can give is that if you do want any hope of your order arriving before Christmas I would strongly advise ordering before the 10th December.

Any later and you may end up disappointed. For full disclosure you may end up disappointed even if you order before but please be assured that orders are going out promptly and they will get to you in time. You may have to slip the person an IOU card!

Thank you


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