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Would you like to appear in the Scottish edition of HOME? The first book to bring together all of my prints of the 42 club grounds from the Scottish Premiership to League Two.

Earlier this week I issued the first eBook draft of HOME to a select number of people to have a look over and for them to get back to me with their thoughts. Incredibly it took you no time at all to get back to me with the first wave of feedback. Thank you very much for your very quick responses. I’m now keen to work on some of the great ideas within the feedback.

HOME: Scottish Football Stadium Prints

The first thing that needs addressed is that there is quite a lot of white space preceding each print in the book. Although I do like a minimalist approach to things I think I need to do something about the white space and that is where you come in. Hopefully.

My idea is to include some thoughts on each home ground from fans of every club and since the entire Football Stadium Prints project was born out of Twitter I thought I would return there for help.

24 Page Sample

If you have either the full version of the first draft or the 24 page sample (which you can download above) you should recognise the page to the left (or above/below. It’ll depend what device you are viewing this on).

You’ll notice one difference. Rather than it being blank space between the name of print and the ground’s co-ordinates there are three quotes from twitter users.

Those aren’t real quotes and hopefully aren’t real twitter handles. They are just made up to give you an idea of what I’d like to include for each Scottish ground

24 Page Sample

Would you like to be included?

If you’d like to have a quote included alongside your home ground all you need to do is tweet me @StadiumPrint with the reason that you love your home ground.

Please note that at this stage I only require your thoughts on the clubs of the Scottish Premiership to League Two.

What happens next?

Providing I get enough quotes for each ground I’ll include them in draft two of the book and then make it available to a select number of Twitter followers to have another look through it and to get more feedback.


Obviously I can’t use any quote that includes anything inappropriate.

If you happen to have a twitter handle that contains anything offensive then I won’t be able to use your quote.

Thank you very much for all your help so far.


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