Progress report on HOME: Scotland edition

First draft completed

Yes, you read that correctly. The first draft of HOME: Scotland has been completed.

If you are a twitter follower (if you aren’t you can follow me HERE) then you are probably well aware that over the last short while I’ve been furiously trying to make some progress on my collection of Scottish prints.

I just want to give a big thank you to everyone that offered to help look over the first eBook draft and to give me feedback. A huge amount of people got in touch offering to help which meant I unfortunately wasn’t able to hand out a free download link to everyone and had to pick people at random. If you haven’t received a Direct Message on twitter with a link to your download I’m afraid the random selector didn’t land on your name (or you had DMs closed and I couldn’t get it to you).

As I type this the first wave of downloads have happened and I’ll hopefully have more to report later.

HOME: Scottish Football Stadium Prints

Download sample book

If you didn’t manage to get a full copy of the first draft you can still download a 24 page sample from the website. Use the button below to visit the Sample Book page.

Fingers crossed I haven’t made too many glaring errors or have missed something spectacular in the layout.

One final note, this is the very first draft. Although this initial draft is an eBook the final goal is to have it available as a hard copy.



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