Football t-shirts should be for everybody

The Beautiful Game – Pele

And Pele wasn’t wrong, but we want to extend his message and create beautiful football t-shirts.

Although, seeing it as the beautiful game when getting battered by the North Sea while watching Arbroath at Gayfield Park can be pretty difficult. Or when you’re a Brechin City supporter and you have to endure an entire season (2017-18) without witnessing a league victory, the game looks anything but beautful.

But the beauty in our game goes beyond what the players on the pitch do once they cross that white line.

‘The beautiful football t-shirt’

Netherdale, Galashiels

The stadiums in which the games are played are beautiful, incredible venues. They don’t have to be big to be grand in stature. The don’t have to hold thousands of fans to create atmosphere. They just have to be somewhere that you wan’t to go every second weekend and see your team play. Your home away from home.

La Bombonera, Buenos Aires

Some of those stadiums even bring out a smile in away fans. Places they hate to admit they actually enjoy visiting. Structures that are just out of this world. Venues like La Bombonera in Buenos Aires that just seem to grow out from within the surrounding houses and residences.

Cliftonhill, Coatbridge

Walkways and stairs that just scream they are who they are. The club is in the flaking paint. The faded signs that only hardcore fans will remember what they once said. Grounds that if transported there by magic you’d instantly be able to take a guess as to where you were.

Palmerston Park, Dumfries

And finally, some stadiums just make for really, really cool football t-shirts that anyone can enjoy.

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Cardiff City Stadium, Cardiff

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