Welsh Football, here we come

Cymru am byth

We knew that before long we’d have to venture past the borders of Scotland and seek out new Stadiums. So we’ve headed to Wales and are taking a look at Welsh Football. The land of beautiful coastlines, incredible mountains and of course those famous Welsh valleys.

Welsh Football

Now, Welsh football isn’t my strong point, that will become patently obvious, but since I’ve started to investigate Welsh football I’ve discovered at least one thing. The passion of the fans for their club is no less strong in Wales than anywhere else in the world. Tremendously proud. Fiercely loyal to their home grounds. Wrexham fans love their truly enormous floodlights.

Welsh Football makes for great art
Racecourse Ground – Floodlight – Wrexham

Football may be overshadowed by Rugby in Wales but it is by no means a small sport, and since Wales’ incredible run to the Semi-finals of EURO 2016 it has continued to grow.

No better can this be seen than by the return of Cardiff City to the English Premiership. Supporters from England better get used to seeing the facade of the Cardiff City Stadium, and what a cracking facade it is (especially for a newer stadium).

Welsh Football makes for great art
Cardiff City Stadium

Wales and Scotland

Hopefully it’s not unfair of me to say this, but as is the case in Scotland, I think Welsh folk would tend to agree that they like a bit of a drink. Who doesn’t (in moderation)? When it comes to getting a drink before the game you don’t get much closer than the Turf Pub outside the Racecourse Ground.

Welsh Football makes for great art
Racecourse Ground – Turf Pub – Wrexham

I’m not quite sure the rules about it but as we all know some teams compete in the English League set-up, while others are in the Welsh League set-up. Some of the latter even compete in the cross border Scottish Challenge Cup. The inclusion of teams outwith Scotland being one of the SFA’s better ideas of late.

Welsh Football makes for great art
Rodney Parade – Newport

I’ve only just started my adventure into Wales but I hope you’ll help out with retweet, Likes and Shares to help me reach Welsh football fans. I’ve had a great start so far and spoken to a few really helpful people. Long may it continue.

And, Thank you, Wales.

You can find out more about Wales by visiting the Welsh Wikipedia Page or more about Welsh Football by visiting the National Teams official website…

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