Scottish Floodlights – Let battle commence

Scottish Floodlights – Among the best in the world

At Scottish Football Stadium Prints we love Scottish floodlights.  All of us have to at least be thankful for them otherwise we wouldn’t be able to see our team play during the long Scottish winters. The LONG Scottish winters.

And in Scotland we are blessed with some absolutely incredible floodlights.

Rugby Park’s East Stand has some belters above it. Greenock Morton’s Cappielow is another fine example of snarling beast-like floodlights.

But we have two favourites.  First up has to be the floodlights in Palmerston Park. Home to what i’m lead to believe are the highest free standing floodlights in Scotland, and Queen of the South FC.

Palmerston Park, Queen of the South
Palmerston Park, Queen of the South

And secondly it’s off to Tannadice Park, home to Dundee United, and this brute that sits in the corner above the Jerry Kerr stand. A Monster of a construction.

Tannadice, Dundee. Floodlights
Tannadice, Dundee. Floodlights

Anyway, those are two of our favourites. If you disagree, and who are we kidding, you are football fans so you are bound to disagree (I expect at least 42 disagreements), please let us know in the comments. Or message us on Twitter.

p.s. I’d add a poll to this post but I haven’t got a clue how to!

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