The Rock, Dumbarton

Not the Hollywood Rock. This one is better

The stadium is officially called The YOUR Radio 103FM Stadium, but it is more affectionately known as The Rock.

If you’ve ever been you’ll know why.

You would think having the Dumbarton Rock as an incredible backdrop was enough but the stadium is also sat on the banks of the River Leven, right at the point it enters the River Clyde.

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The Rock, Dumbarton
The Rock, Dumbarton

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The amazing @AFHStewart who is part of the incredible @TifoFootball_ team sent us in a picture of his recently received Dumbarton t-shirt.

He also had these extremely kind words to say:

“I love these prints. Steve captures Scottish stadiums in all their iconic or idiosyncratic glory. By picking details that resonate with fans, and marrying that with a bold, engaging visual style, he’s created something meaningful and attractive.” Alex Stewart, Tifo Football

Thank you so much, Alex, it’s greatly appreciated.

Dumbarton t-shirt

If you want to find out more about Dumbarton then why not head over to their official website…