New release – Newell’s Old Boys

Estadio Marcelo Bielsa

It has taken me a while but I have finally returned to one of my favourite countries on earth for my latest design. Argentina.

This was a request from the English language twitter account of Newell’s Old boys and when an official account comes knocking, who am I to turn them away?

Football management aficionados and anyone who has been watching English football the last few weeks will recognise the man this stadium is named after. It’s a testament to how highly thought of that he already has a stand named after him.

Marcelo Bielsa, sometimes referred to as El Loco, is the current Leeds manager as well as being a bit of a cult figure in football management.

It’s fair to say that El Loco has wasted no time in endearing himself to the Leeds faithful.

It would be absolutely amazing if you could share this with as many people as possible. Thank you.

Club Atlético Newell's Old Boys

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