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Stair Park

Stair Park, Stranraer

My Stair Park design is now officially licensed.

This is an OFFICIAL announcement

Delighted to announce an official link up with 6 SPFL clubs

Read on if you are a fan of Albion Rovers, Berwick Rangers, Cowdenbeath, East Fife, Edinburgh City or Stranraer. #StadiumPrints

Stadium Prints progress

A 6 month progress report

In the 6 months that I’ve been running the website I’ve managed to produce 120 prints for 103 different clubs.

I’ve completed all 42 clubs in the top four divisions in Scotland. All available individually as well as being compiled into a Ground Hopping Tracker. Click HERE to see it.

I’ve made good progress on clubs outwith the top 42 and have now completed prints for 22 non-league Scottish clubs.

I’ve managed to produce prints for 23 English clubs. Covering clubs from the Premiership right down to non-league teams such as Enfield Town and Tooting & Mitcham United.

I’ve also managed a few clubs from Northern Ireland, Wales, Italy, Portugal, Iceland, Argentina and Switzerland.

I’ve also started a new series called the ‘Legends’ series that covers grounds no longer with us.

So all in all it’s been a very, very busy 6 months.

I just want to finish with a massive thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way. Every comment, picture, nugget of advice has been greatly appreciated and they really have helped shaped how the prints look.

Thank you


Tshirts 365

We were recently approached by the guys that run TShirts 365 to see if we’d be interested in working together. The answer was a massive YES.

The pitch was simple enough. Would I like to contribute some designs to their collections. They’d put them through their Tshirts365 remix machine (better known as Distress Dawn) and see what they came up with.

Well, the results were amazing. See for yourself.

La Bombonera, Buenos Aires

La Bombonera, Boca Juniors

San Siro, Milan

San Siro, AC Milan

Estadio Municipal de Braga, Braga

Estadio Municipal de Braga, SC Braga

Stadio Luigi Ferraris, Genoa

Stadio Luigi Ferraris, Genoa CFC

As you can see it’s pretty difficult to pick a favourite, and that’s not even the entire collection.

Please visit TShirts 365 to see everything they have to offer. or visit our ‘Rest of the World’ page to see all the originals, and a whole lot more.


Ground Hopping History – the 42

All 42 Scottish League Grounds in one place

I did it. I have completed what I set out on the 23rd January 2018 to achieve. I’ve created at least 1 print for all 42 club grounds in Scotland’s top 4 divisions.

Keep track of all 42 league club grounds – click the picture to see the finished product

The adventure started with my home town club of Brechin and their world famous, hedge lined home of Glebe Park, and ended when I put the finishing blue touches to Balmoor, home to Peterhead.

Along the way I have encountered some of the most passionate fans you could ever find. People who turn up every week knowing that their team doesn’t have a hope in hell of winning anything. They turn up to support their team and players through some atrocious weather and conditions. To support their club. To support a vital part of their community.

And, I think that’s where the passion comes from. It’s THEIRS. The club from top to bottom is theirs. It wouldn’t be there without them.

Collect them all – click the picture to see the finished print

I’ve enjoyed every single minute of this project. I know things now about grounds that I never knew I wanted to know. I really hope the next pub quiz I go to has a round on Scottish Stadiums. I’ll walk it. In fact, just give me the 10 points now.

The Beautiful Game

There is so much good out there with regards to our game. So many quirks and features to our grounds that you don’t find anywhere else. Things that should be preserved and celebrated. Features that should be talked up, and not threatened by the authorities that are meant to be looking after our game (I’m primarily talking about the threat to the ‘Hedge’ in 2009, although i’m sure there are more examples).

Scotland is a beautiful country, and our grounds are beautiful, no matter the size. Every single one of them.

And one final thing. The hell with comparing ourselves with other leagues. The hell with listening to voices outwith our game that are only there to try and demean and slander to rack up views and listens. Yes, listen to constructive criticism, but ignore the chants of ‘my Nan could win the league’ and ‘a conference team could walk their premiership’. It’s the chatter of people bored slogging it out in their own league annoyed that they’ll never get to visit incredible cities like Aberdeen, Inverness and Edinburgh. Never get to visit Colosseums like Celtic Park, wind swept cathedrals like Gayfield Park or get to enjoy the incredible banter filled journeys to down to Stair Park and up to Borough Briggs.

Ground Hopping history – the 42

The finished product. I’ve decided to take all 42 prints and create a Ground Hopping History tracker for all the Ground Hoppers out there.

You can keep track of the date visited, opponent, and final score. If you do keep track please feel free to tweet us at @Fitba_Stadiums using hashtag #HoppingHistory to show us your progress.

the 42 - Ground hopping History - click the picture to see the finished product

This isn’t the end. As some of you will be aware I’ve already made inroads with some of the clubs outside the top four divisions in Scotland. I’ve also moved south and have taken on some of the 92 in the EPL & EFL. Some non-league English clubs too. And, a few overseas clubs.

I have absolutely no intention of stopping.

You can get a copy of the Ground Hopping History Tracker right here


Big thanks to The Fitba Nomad for helping out with the name and the hashtag #HoppingHistory

Brutalism and Basalt

The title of this post isn’t mine. The photo within this post isn’t mine.

So without further ado I would like to thank @ruralkeith for tweeting out this picture of his two recently purchased Mugs.

Netherdale, home to Gala Fairydean Rovers, and Easter Road, home to Hibernian.

Netherdale and Easter Road Mugs

It looks like it was an absolutely smashing day down Keith’s neck of the woods.

Thanks, Keith, for letting us use your picture. It’s much appreciated.

You can head over to the Hibs store to find more…

or you can head over to the Gala Fairydean Rovers store to find more…