From the Hedge to the Band Stand – The Football Pink

The guys over at The Football Pink have today published an article written by @TheMarkGordon about us, Scottish Football Stadium Prints.

I had a very nice chat with the thoroughly lovely Mark last week regarding Scottish Football Stadium Prints. Among other things we discussed my process, my motivations, and Football Fans love of their home ground pies.

You can read the article by clicking this link. I hope you enjoy it.

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The Rock (No, not that one)

not the Nicholas Cage movie Either.

The Rock (or The YOUR Radio 103FM Stadium for sponsorship purposes) may not be the largest of Stadiums but goodness me is it in a pretty special location. With the Dumbarton Rock towering above it and the the River Leven, feeding into the world famous River Clyde, within a stones throw away makes for pretty epic surroundings.

Strategy and content provider for Tifo Football@AFHStewart, sent us in this picture of his recently purchased Dumbarton t-shirt.

Dumbarton t-shirt

Anyway, thanks Alex for sending in your picture.

Paris, Milan, New York and Greenock

All eyes are on greenock this fashion week

And it’s been decided. The must have look this season is the Cappielow t-shirt.

The fashion world has united behind this ‘stunning’ and ‘effortlessly trendy’ Greenock Morton t-shirt. The praise has been unequivocal. Anyone who is anyone simply must get their hands on this Cappielow t-shirt.

And the model ain’t too shabby either. Buy your Cappielow t-shirt today…

Cappielow t-shirt modeled by yours truly

Recreation Park, Alloa – Fitba Nomad

Our prints in the wild

The most recent picture sent in to us is of Recreation Park (Indodrill Stadium), Alloa.

A 70x100cm Print.

Sent in by Ground-Hopper and Blogger, The Fitba Nomad. Check out his Twitter account. And please do check out his Ground-Hopping blog.

A 70cm x 100cm Recreation Park framed print.

Gayfield and Glebe

Two of the Angus clubs here, Arbroath’s Gayfield Park and Brechin’s Glebe Park, looking good in A3 frames.

Everything Arbroath can be found here…

Everything Brechin can be found here…

Gayfield and Glebe
Gayfield and Glebe

Brechin Mug

You are never a mug for supporting Brechin

It’s been a tough season for Brechin Fans but it’s never a mugs game. We knew it’d be hard going. We are part time playing in a predominantly full time league. And the long term sustainability of the club has to come before staying in the Championship (that’s my tuppence worth anyway).

It’s been great so far visiting some new grounds. Even if the results haven’t gone our way.

Finally, Mugs are available and they looks pretty darn good. If I do say so myself.

Thanks to the happy customer for sending me this picture of their newly delivered mug.