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At first glance, combining my website of Stadium Designs, a site dedicated to visuals and stadium art, with a podcast, a format that deals 100% in audio, seems like a stupid idea.

It maybe still is. But…

The Football Stadium Prints Podcast has evolved into something entirely different from when I originally started it.

When I began making them I was using them as a sort of personal outlet. I had been working from home for 2 years and during the day I very rarely spoke to another human being so I decided that I would start a Podcast. I’d try and get questions from Twitter and Patreon subscribers and answer them each week.

That way I’d at least be having 50% of a conversation. Better than nothing, I suppose.

The Podcast has never really been about Football. There are far better and more informed people out there doing that. No need for me to get involved.

Football Stadium Prints Podcast has always been a loose and informal chat. But now my 50% chat Podcast has become a 100% chat Podcast. 

I now have a weekly chat with my good friend Stevie Mo. Just an easy going chat that has now morphed into a nostalgia trip back to our youth in the early 90’s and everything that was awesome back then. They’ve even started to take on a bit of structure. We have been trying to get the chat down to a solid 30 minutes but have failed miserably.

We are having a great time making them. We hope you like them too.

I’ll still be taking questions from Twitter followers and will answer them when they arise.

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