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Exclusive collectible 1:1 mints of

Football Stadium Print sketches

of Stadiums around the globe.

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English Stadium NFT Collection


Buy any sized print of an English club, Non-League to Premiership, and I’ll gift you the 1:1 original sketch NFT of your club (providing it hasn’t already been claimed).

If your club stadium hasn’t been minted yet we’ll make it happen as soon as possible and get it transferred to you as soon as we can.

Football Stadium Prints are releasing the entire collection of original sketches of English Football Grounds.

One of a kind art from the world of Football / Soccer.

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USA NFT Collection

The first NFT series from Football Stadium Prints is the Original Sketches USA Collection.

Every completed design available on Football Stadium Prints will have the original digital sketch minted as a one off NFT.

You can own the physical print, it can be hanging proudly in your office, but only one person will ever be able to own the original digital sketch.

Please click the link to see the full collection.

My advice is to get in early while prices are low to ensure that you are the only the person in the world to own your stadium’s digital sketch. Once the stadium you want is owned by someone else it’ll be up to the new owner to determine the price you’ll have to pay.

Have fun and welcome to the world of NFT’s


The Original Sketches USA NFT Series is being offered exclusively on OpenSea. You just need to make an offer. All Tokens are open to offer RIGHT NOW!

Some have already been snapped up so you need to be quick!

Customers will need to set up a MetaMask Wallet and an OpenSea Account to participate in the auction. In order to bid, you must pay using Ethereum.

More Info on OpenSea FAQ Page • View Original Sketches USA Series

Stadium Originals

The Stadium Originals collection contains the National Stadiums of France, Scotland and England.

Stade du France, Hampden Park and Wembley.

Please click the link to see the full collection.