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Football Stadium Prints versus The European Super League

Some thoughts so I can get on with other things.

Firstly, please excuse me as I’m no writer. This is really just being done so I can clear my head and get on with things.

Secondly, this is definitely about The Super League but I initially need to lay down my understanding of the franchise system in the US and specifically the MLS. It’ll will become obvious why. I hope.

The US is huge. I know that is obvious but it is massive. I don’t know the specifics but it’s like European sized but on the national sporting fronts it has one representative. Team USA.

In a purely sporting sense, when it comes to internal US sports the States are like the nations of Europe. If your state gets a American Football Franchise that state gets behind it and supports their team. 

It always confused me when I heard about teams like the Raiders just upping sticks and moving but still having support in that new State. It’s because that is now their State’s representative in the National League.

Yes, some states have more than one team so I guess you pick the nearest one and be done with it.

The MLS is a closed shop. But so is the national game here in Europe. There is no relegation or promotion from the 52 European representatives of UEFA. With the Nations League we now have elements of it but it’s not like the bottom team is kicked out and a new nation takes it’s place.

Every one of those European nations has a chance at UEFA money every 4 years and FIFA money every 4 years. A not so small pot of cash.

The US, China and the Middle East don’t have such easy access to that golden goose.

So, how do they get some of that cash?

Buy up European Teams and create The Super League. It’s purposely not called The European Super League as it has absolutely no intention of remaining just for European teams.

Eventually, global teams from South America will be invited, then a MLS team or two, then there will be a method in which as long as you pay your bill any new team, sorry, franchise can enter.

The US owners see how the system works in the US and think it can be replicated, firstly in Europe and then globally. The thought being that eventually whole Nations will get behind their representative in The Super League.

But that just isn’t how Football works in Europe. We already have that system in place and it’s called international football. It’s often berated but when it comes down to it you absolutely love it if your team qualifies for a tournament.

The US owners don’t want international Football as it brings them no money. They want a new form of global football that includes their ownership, overtakes the World Cup and renders it pointless. Fans getting behind a Nation doesn’t bring Fenway Group or the Glazers money. They see that money and they want it.

There is absolutely no danger a fan of River Plate is ever going to support Boca Juniors just because they happen to be Argentina’s representative in The Super League. But fans of both can get behind Argentina when they play in the World Cup and Copa America.

The system works in the US. It’s a US system to get around a US problem.

They want some FIFA cash but shoehorning this system into a 150 year old institution in Europe isn’t going to give it to them.

And that’s that. I can now get back to work.



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