Firhill Stadium – Partick Thistle FC prints

Firhill Stadium

Student Flats and Badges of Old

Whenever I think of Partick Thistle and Firhill the first thing that pops into my mind are the student flats behind the John Lambie stand. I’m not entirely sure if these flats are a feature that Jags fans like but I knew they would feature when i came to design a Firhill Stadium poster.

During it’s time Firhill has seen it all. Football, Rugby League, Rugby Union and Greyhound Racing and because of this rich history I thought I’d do something from the past for my second Firhill print design. The second print design features an older Partick Thistle club badge from it’s time taking pride and place on the main stand (known as the Colin Weir Stand).

So, if you are a Partick Thistle fan you have a choice of two stadium poster designs which both feature on tshirts, mugs and stadium prints. Check out my Partick Thistle and Firhill Stadium Shop.

A football print of Firhill Stadium, home to Partick Thistle and the John Lambie Stand. Glasgow
Partick Thistles FC prints come in 5 different sizes

All my prints come in standard IKEA frame sizes but I suggest getting it in at least the 50x70cm size. It is beautiful.

A Partick Thistle t shirt of the John Lambie Stand at Firhill
Partick Thistle t shirt
A coffee mug of the Colin Weir Stand at Firhill
Coffee tastes better from an Partick Thistle FC coffee mug

SWPL - Partick Thistle Football Club

Partick Thistle also have a team in the Scottish Women’s Premier League. They have recently changed their name to be fully incorporated into the Partick Thistle football family.

Head over to my Partick Thistle shop to see prints, t-shirts and mugs of the SWPL team.

The Scottish Women’s Premier League shop features all 16 teams currently competing in the league. Head over to my SWPL shop to find out more.

A t-shirt of Petershill PArk, home of PArtick Thistle Women’s football team. Members of the SWPL
Limited Edition Partick Thistle t shirt

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