Pittodrie – Aberdeen FC prints

A framed Poster of Aberdeen fc and their home ground of Pittodrie. Showing seagulls

The Seagulls of the Granite City

Pittodrie, the home of Aberdeen FC since 1903, will soon be no more. Aberdeen were recently granted permission to build their new out of town Stadium and training complex at Kingsford. I hope the stadium designers get it right. Newer out of town stadiums tend to lack a bit of character in my opinion (Brighton’s Amex Stadium down the south coast of England being an exception).

Anyway, enough of the new, let’s concentrate on the now. Pittodrie is another example of a Scottish ground where no two sides match. Most notably at one end you have the Dick Donald Stand that just towers above everything else. If you ever fly into Aberdeen you’ll spot it before you see anything else. That is of course as long as it’s not sunny and you are blinded by the light shining off the granite. Granite being what the Merkland Road entrance at the opposite end is made of.

A stadium print poster of Aberdeen FC and their home ground of Pittodrie. The Dons. Large
Aberden FC prints come in 5 different sizes

Which leads me nicely into the two football stadium designs I have put together for Aberdeen FC and Pittodrie.

I have one football poster that shows off the Merkland Road entrance with the second stadium poster showing off a portion of the Dick Donald stand and a clutch of the ever present seagulls of pittodrie.

All my prints come in standard IKEA frame sizes but I suggest getting it in at least the 50x70cm size. It is beautiful.

A t shirt of the Dick Donald stand at Pittodrie and Seagulls. Aberdeen FC.
Pittodrie t shirt
A coffee mug of the Merkland Road entrance to Pittodrie, home to Aberdeen FC
Coffee tastes better from an Aberdeen FC coffee mug

Dundee United Women's Football Club

Most people think they are being smart when they tell you that there are two football grounds on Tannadice Street. They aren’t smart. They are wrong. There are THREE.

They are forgetting the home ground of Scottish Women’s Premier League Team Dundee United WFC, Gussie Park, which affords you an exceptional view of the Jerry Kerr Stand.

Head over to my Dundee United WFC shop to see prints, t-shirts and mugs of the SWPL team.

A t shirt of Gussie Park, home to Dundee United WFC, the third stadium on Tannadice street, Dundee
Limited Edition Dundee United WFC t shirt

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