Finley Stadium – Chattanooga FC Print

A football poster of Finley Stadium, home to Chattanooga FC

Chattanooga FC and Finley Stadium

Chattanooga FC have really laid down an exceptional blueprint on how to start a brand new football club and make it grow.  From the day the original founders started the club they have had one question they’ve always asked themselves, “How can we use soccer as a tool to improve Chattanooga and our quality of life?” 

From that original day in 2009 they have grown to the point that in 2019 they were in a position to offer fans the opportunity to become a Chattanooga Football Club owner. Boy, did they take them up on the offer.

Although their club nickname might be a bit long winded for some, Chattanooga FC truly deserve the name the Club that Chattanooga Built.

Head on over to my Chattanooga FC store to find posters, t-shirts and coffee mugs of their home ground, Finley Stadium (known as Fort Finley to the regulars).

Remember that if you are a US customer your order will be printed and issued from our US printing facility. That means no international shipping or customs charges. Find out more here.

Stadium wall art of Chattanooga FC and Finley Stadium.
Chattanooga FC prints come in 5 size
A white Fort Finley Stadium tee
Finley Stadium tee
A coffee mug of Chattanooga FC and Fort Finley
Coffee tastes better from a Chattanooga Mug


There are only 25 of my Limited Edition Chattanooga FC and Finley Stadium t-shirt been made available. Numbers are strictly limited to only 25.

Once the 25 are gone, they’re gone. 

Get in quick to avoid disappointment.

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