Cappielow – Greenock Morton FC print

A framed poster of Cappielow, home to Greenock Morton FC. The Ton

Ship building and Football.

If you ever fancy going to Greenock Morton FC game and after looking for seats on the Cappielow Stadium plan you can’t decide, I have a suggestion. Get seats or tickets to an area that gives you a view of the iconic crane behind the Wee Dublin End.

I will never get bored of my Cappielow poster design. I’m not from Greenock (although I do have family who live in Port Glasgow right next door), I’m not a Greenock fan and I haven’t really spent much time in that part of Scotland but I love this design. I honestly think (please look out as I’m about to say something that’ll come across as pretentious) this design goes beyond football. You don’t need to be a football fan to like this piece of stadium art. The team is almost immaterial. It’s all about that crane and what the whole ship building industry meant to that part of Scotland. End of my arty fatty chat.

Cappielow makes for a superb t-shirt (you can see me wearing it on the home page) and when the print is framed it just looks stunning. Or if it’s just a Greenock Morton souvenir you are after you can get one of my coffee mugs.

All my prints come in standard IKEA frame sizes but I suggest getting it in at least the 50x70cm size. It is beautiful.

A print of Cappielow, home of Greenock Morton FC, showing the ship building crane on the Clyde
Greenock Morton FC prints come in 5 different sizes
A t-shirt of Cappielow, home to Greenock Morton FC, showing the ship building crane on the Clyde River
Cappielow t shirt
A coffee mug of Cappielow, home of Greenock Morton, the Ton
Coffee tastes better from a Greenock Morton coffee mug


I don’t have a Greenock Morton Limited Edition t-shirt at the moment so in the meantime please check out my Celtic Park and the Lisbon Lions Stand Limited Edition record sleeve t-shirt. It is strictly limited to only 25.

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Limited Edition Celtic Park T-Shirt
Limited Edition Celtic t shirt

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