World Cup Winners 2019

USA conquer the world for a 4th time

What an incredible achievement by The United States Women’s National Team. Absolutely unstoppable. They never wavered, never took their eye off the ball (by god did they have some distraction back home), and they marched their way to a 4th World Cup Trophy

Becky Sauerbrunn Hugs Megan Rapinoe as they win the 2019 women’s World Cup

You can’t talk about this team without giving a special mention to Megan Rapinoe who also scooped the golden boot and player of the tournament awards. What a star. A proper, no holds bars hero. Despite what some detractors will say it’s not arrogance when you can back it up. And, girl, did she back it up.

Alex Morgan holds the 2019 women’s World Cup aloft. Winner.

I wish I had more US women’s teams in my US and Canada section. It’s something I want to remedy. I will try and get you on par with my Scottish Women’s Premier League section. Please follow this link to send me your suggestion of US women’s teams I should be getting designs made up for.

While I wait on your suggestions I’d like to point you in the direction of the US grounds I’ve completed so far. Click the image below to be magically transported to my US and Canada section.

Come see the fastest growing section of my website.

I have college football posters, soccer ground prints, soccer field t-shirts. Football (soccer) in the US is growing massively. Not just the MLS but the leagues and divisions out with that. Down where it’s real and visceral. Where it has an almost English or European feel.

Real communities building teams from the ground up. It’s an exciting time to be a part of US soccer.

Teams and their social media accounts are really shaking up how you engage with, and inspire, your local (and global) community. Brand new teams like Forward Madison are leading the way and going #fullmingo. Teams like Chattanooga FC are bringing the community together. Greenville FC and Asheville SC have an intense rivalry.

Long may it continue to grow.

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