EoS Series. Musselburgh Athletic

Olivebank Stadium – Musselburgh Athletic

I was on holiday for a week and by the last day I was absolutely raring to get stuck into a new stadium. So, on the Sunday before work on Monday I sent out a request to Twitter asking for suggestions.

Twitter did not disappoint (it rarely does in my experience).

The overwhelming favourite was for Musselburgh Athletic’s Olivebank Stadium. The clubs official twitter account even got involved.

What happened next was that I ended up with 2 different designs. One of the main stand and one of the clubhouse with what might be my favourite sky to date on Football Stadium Prints. I think it makes for an absolutely incredible t-shirt.

It would be absolutely amazing if you could share this with as many people as possible.

Thank you.

Musselburgh Athletic Olivebank Stadium

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Musselburgh Athletic Olivebank Stadium

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Musselburgh Athletic Olivebank Stadium

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