SWPL Series – Dundee United – Gussie Park

Gussie Park – Dundee United

Officially, Dundee United play at the GA Engineering Arena, but at Football Stadium Prnts I don’t like to use sponsor names.

Dundee United are a real baby of the SWPL. Launched in 2015 they first competed in the Scottish Women’s Football League Second Division in the 2016 season.

If you followed them at that time you will have seen some incredible results. United won their first competitive game 5-0. They secured their first league title with a 6-0 victory and finished their season (16 games) with a goal difference of +134. They also won the SWFL Division 2 Cup with 9-0 victory!

If that wasn’t enough they then followed all that up the following year with a second promotion to SWPL 2.

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Gussie Park Dundee United

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Gussie Park Dundee United

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Gussie Park Dundee United

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