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Home: the Book

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We are currently trying to put together a book of all the Scottish prints we have completed. It’ll include all 42 senior club grounds along with some bonus prints from other leagues around the world. The bonus prints will likely be some of my favourites (I’m looking at you Netherdale!)

This is a small e-sample of how it might end up looking and a means to try and test the water and gauge people’s opinion of it.

(If you happen to have an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet then you are in luck as I reckon it looks pretty sweet on mine, but I am a bit biased)

Click this to get your PDF sample==> Download “HOME” sample

Home: the Book

You’ll note at the start there are a few blank pages. I’ve been putting it together with having it published as a coffee table sized book in mind and therefore a few of the left hand pages would end up blank. A future e-Book version will likely have them stripped out.

The introduction isn’t complete and various other bits of information are missing. This is all intentional at this point. At this stage I’m just trying to get a feel of how it might look and to see if anyone has any comments.


Download “HOME” sample